Her Boyfriend Confessed In Front Of His Friends That He Believes Her Sister Is Prettier Than She Is

Look! - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Unfortunately, this 27-year-old woman has struggled throughout her entire life with being envious of her sister.

While she loves her sister with all her heart and hopes she has a happy life, she says that being less pretty than her sister has made her incredibly insecure all along.

She’s always been called the cute one, and her sister isn’t a tiny amount more attractive than she is; she’s drop-dead gorgeous in comparison.

“I mean, she is a head-turner and could blend in perfectly in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, which is kind of stunning,” she explained.

“Has the height, body, and face. She gets to live an extremely thrilling life because of what being beautiful brings, and she dates powerful and famous men.”

“Gets spoiled with vehicles and luxuries. I mean it’s just night and day difference how the stunning people of the world live compared to the rest of us. I have a normal life, working 9-5.”

Her self-esteem is shot from being compared to her incredible sister, and she feels like she has been consistently living in her sister’s shadow.

Nobody paid her any attention when alongside her sister and her overwhelming beauty. Her confidence will never recover from this.

Now, she has found romance and a boyfriend, who is 36. She knows her boyfriend is in love with her, but he just made a confession not too long ago that she can’t seem to get over.

Look! – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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