His Girlfriend Left Him For Her Ex-Husband, But After Getting Rejected, She Wants To Date Him Again

Unique Vision - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It was nearly a year that this 37-year-old man dated his 35-year-old girlfriend, and when he first met her, she promised she was already divorced from her ex-husband.

Unfortunately, he later found out that was a lie before they broke up, and his girlfriend was still married throughout their entire relationship.

To make things worse, his girlfriend also claimed to have been split from her ex-husband for a year when they started dating, and he learned she was only single for a couple of months before he came along.

Anyway, his girlfriend dumped him after admitting that she missed her ex-husband and preferred to get back together with him.

He was heartbroken over this, but he respected his girlfriend’s choice and wished her well. A bit more than a month after he got dumped, his now ex-girlfriend sent him an email saying she misses him a lot.

He requested that she call him, and they had quite a long talk over the phone.

“What I took away from the call was that her ex wasn’t interested in reconciliation,” he said. “I asked her if he had been open to getting back together, if she would’ve emailed/called me, and she said no.”

“Maybe I’m just looking to have my feelings validated, and I know the answers, but it sounds like she pushed me aside to pursue her ex, and when he turned her down, she came back to me, not because I was her first choice but because she was turned down by her ex and feeling rejected by him.”

“We’ve hung out a couple of times, and she said she really wants to work things out with us. I am conflicted, she’s been very sweet and supportive. I missed her greatly when we didn’t talk.”

Unique Vision – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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