She Stopped Seeing A Guy After He Lied And Said He Makes Over $100,000 More Than He Really Does

STEEX/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 27-year-old woman recently met a guy who seemed to be nice. Things moved pretty quickly between them, and he already told his family he was in love with her after only knowing her for a day.

He then said to her that he was interested in providing for her and living with her as well. None of that really made her upset, but then he lied to her about his salary.

“I thought it didn’t quite add up when he said it…I think I totally got lovebombed as he unrequestedly told me he made $180,000 and that he could take care of me,” she said.

“Then days later, it was $70,000. Googling the career he is in, it looks like 70 is accurate. I would have been totally okay with that so it’s silly he lied. I ended things; we are no longer speaking; I am just [confused].”

“I understand wanting to impress someone, but that feels like a SEVERE lie. He never explained himself or admitted to lying; he just pretended like it never happened, lol.”

“I’ve dated liars before, and it’s really triggering, so to me, there was no point in having a conversation about this.”

It really alarmed her that he was so quick to make up a lie, and that’s the reason why she stopped seeing him.

The whole incident made her feel really uneasy. It’s not about the money at all; she would prefer to date a man who doesn’t make as much yet doesn’t feel the need to lie to her about anything.

She has dated a man who lied to her about major things in the past, so lies are a complete dealbreaker for her.

STEEX/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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