She Doesn’t Like The Flashy Engagement Ring Her Fiancé Proposed With And Wants To Exchange It For A Simpler Design, But She’s Afraid Of Seeming Ungrateful

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This 26-year-old woman and her fiancé, who is 28, dated for four years before he finally proposed just last week.

She said “yes” and is super excited to begin this next chapter in their lives together. However, there is only one problem – her engagement ring.

“I don’t like the ring he chose,” she said.

Throughout her life, she has never really liked big or flashy pieces of jewelry. Rather, she’s always preferred to wear more simple and elegant designs.

“And I’ve mentioned this to him a few times in the past,” she recalled.

Yet, when her fiancé got down on one knee and popped the question, she realized he was proposing with a ring that was the exact opposite of her vision.

According to her, the engagement ring is “huge.” It has a massive, shimmering diamond in the middle with a very ornate setting.

“It’s beautiful, but it’s just not me,” she admitted.

However, she held her tongue when her fiancé proposed and didn’t say anything about the ring at the time. After all, she didn’t want to ruin the moment – especially when he looked so proud and happy.

JuliePhotoArt – – illustrative purposes only

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