No Wii – No Problem, Arctic Gym is a Wii Fit Alternative

ARCTIC_GYMThe ARCTIC GYM is meant for those without consoles but still want to workout at home utilizing interactive peripherals. The Arctic Gym includes an interactive exercise mat that allows players to have fun while keeping fit, losing weight and burning calories at the same time. It is a video game system that detects your movements, and measures your performance and fitness progress. The mat is divided into thirty pressure sensitive pads with sensors detecting feet and body positions. Once the system recognizes your movements, it is then translated on-screen, allowing the Arctic Gym to track and display real-time movements.There are three preset exercise modes to choose from: aerobic mode, muscle workout and yoga. Compete in, for example, 100m running, high jumping and walking race.  The Arctic Gym also features other games, including basketball, bowling, and highway racing. The size of the Arctic Gym gaming mat is 170 x 60 cm, and an AC/DC adapter and 3m RCA cable for TV are included. The 32-bit system also features a high 3D resolution.  The Arctic Gym is available now, and retails for $86.90.