iPhone App of the Week: BatterySense App Deals with iPhone 4S Battery Issue

BatterySense won’t extend your iPhone 4S’ disappointing battery life – not directly, anyway. It can educate you about what you can do to get the most out of your battery life, though, which could be just as useful. BatterySense is a comprehensive battery saving app that informs you of what you can do to get a longer battery life, depending on what you want to use your phone to do. The battery meter on the app will give you a predicted amount of battery life for each activity you want to do (talking, Internet calling, eBook reading, Internet browsing, playing music, playing video, standby time, and gaming) based on your current settings.The battery saving part comes in the form of the ‘What If?’ slider. Need six hours worth of Internet browsing time, but the meter only says you have four left? Move the slider up to six, and the app will suggest settings that you can change manually to get those extra two hours. The app won’t change any settings automatically, so that part you’ll need to do yourself. There are all kinds of tricks you can employ to lengthen the battery life of your iPhone 4S (though it would be nice if the battery was just good to begin with). Of course, you’ll need the iPhone 4S first before you can start utilizing this helpful app. The Philips BatterySense App is available now for free on the iTunes App Store.


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