Jpegs are Hooks with Handy Pegs, Not a File Format

Everyone, get excited! Jpegs are here! We can finally take pictures and send them over the Internet. Fast! They take up hardly any storage space. Imagine what this means for the dissemination of cat pictures, and…cat pictures.

What? Not those kind of jpegs? Clothes hangers? Oh. That’s still kinda cool, I guess.

These Jpegs are clothes hooks with magnets attached to the back, in case you want to hang your coat on the refrigerator. The nifty part is that each hook has a clothespin on top. You can use it to hold up notes and pictures. Maybe family pictures. Maybe even pictures of the family cat.

Anyway, they are called Jpegs because they are shaped like the letter j, and they come in packs of three. You can get yourself some hot new Jpegs from the Internet for £12, or about $18.

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