Nanoblock Speaker iPod Dock Would Make LEGOs Jealous

nanoblock-speaker-ipod-charger-dock-1At this point in the life of the 32-pin connector dock, thoughts turn to Judd Nelson, arm in the air as Simple Minds’ “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” plays in the background. So, today we’re looking at one of the last hurrahs of an old favorite, as it gently fades into memory before being revived as “retro” in about three years.

With the Nanoblock Speaker iPod Charger Dock, you can build your very own monument to the end of the 32-pin Apple era. The top of the speaker is a building base for Nanoblocks – similar to Lego blocks, but smaller. In the high likelihood that you do not have any Nanoblocks, don’t worry – the speaker comes with a set of blocks, so you can get to building right away.

The Nanoblock Speaker iPod Charger Dock comes in red, black, pink and yellow. You can get it on the Japan Trend Shop now for $106, plus $24 for shipping.

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