Fendi’s Mink Baguette Takes Angry Birds to a New Level


Well, here’s a new Fendi bag. This might also be a sneak peek at a new bird in the next Angry Birds game, otherwise, I’m not 100 percent sure where the inspiration is coming from.

Blue-pink-grey bird, with the power to tote around pig mace, is flying out of Fendi’s nest. It’s a mink bag with a – you know, I’m not sure if that bird looks sufficiently angry. Maybe my emotional intelligence is off, but I’m just not sure I’m reading anger in those eyes. Anyway, the interior is just as swank as the exterior, thanks to nappa leather lining.


But, you might want to think twice before running around finding pigs to smack with this one. If you soil your new $4,450 bag, you’re probably going to end up being the angry one.


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