Hello Kitty iPhone 5s Case Feels Like Home

Hello Kitty iPhone

Go in hard with the Hello Kitty with your next iPhone case. This bright case dispenses with Hello Kitty’s recent turn to fashion, opting for a classic, vintage Kitty look that longtime fans can appreciate.

The Charmer case fits both the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S, and features Hello Kitty pensively looking out of a house window, like a Hello Kitty reinterpretation of Wuthering Heights. Of course, Hello Kitty is the main attraction, but the case is called Charmer for a reason. It also comes with a detachable teddy bear charm that hangs off the side, just in case this wasn’t adorable enough.

The Charmer case is made of flexible silicone. You can get it straight from Sanrio for $30.

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