Simplicam First Home Monitoring System to Feature Face Detection

The world has yet another home monitoring system. Fortunately, every new camera that comes out seems to be more user-friendly. Simplicam is no different, offering you home monitoring from anywhere, while making sure that the only alerts you receive are the relevant ones.

Like other home monitoring cameras like Dropcam, Simplicam is a small camera that streams a secure, live feed that you can access with an app (the Closeli app) or browser. The streaming video is in 720p, and the camera is capable of night vision. Motion and sound detection is also there, with custom alerts going to your smartphone. It’s here where Simplicam builds on the competition.

Simplicam is the first home monitoring system to include face detection in its imaging technology. This is included to prevent false alarm motion notifications, like if a pet moves through the room. You can set the Simplicam to notify you if a face is detected in your home during a time when no one should be home, so any notification you get should be a relevant one.

The Simplicam itself costs $150, which includes streaming video, audio, and two-way communications using the camera. ArcSoft, the company behind Simplicam, is also offering recording services, so you can look through archived footage. You can pay $5 per month or $50 per year for ArcSoft to save the last 24 hours worth of footage on their servers. $14 per month or $140 per year will get you 11 days, while $23 per month or $230 per year will get you 21 days.

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