Stylish Concrete Ping Pong Table? Yes, That Does Exist

Who knew concrete could look so good? Designer James de Wulf figured it out, and has carved out a little niche for himself by creating trendy and stylish pieces of both interior and exterior concrete furniture. One of his latest pieces is a ping pong table.

The fact that de Wulf has made the ping pong table something that looks good enough to not want to put away in storage is impressive enough, let alone the fact that he’s done it out of concrete. It’s not just the legs, either—even the tabletop is concrete. That seems like it’d be tough on the ping pong balls, I don’t know. Maybe have a lot of backup balls ready. As for the overall design, the surface is painted nicely to fit in with the concrete legs, and the finished product does a good job of making itself look like a unified whole.

It’s the priciest ping pong table you’re probably ever lay eyes on, too. One retailer has this going for $9,320, in either a light grey or a natural tone for the tabletop.

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