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    25 Insanely Geeky Yet Chic Purses

    People often say you can tell a lot about someone by looking at their shoes, but with women, it’s all in the purse. So, let your inner geek meet your inner fashionista and try one of these 25 fantastically fun and fashionable purses. We have something in here for every price range, from cheap and […]

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    Karim Rashid’s Bump is a Cleverly Designed Battery Pack

    For a while there, external battery packs were either medium-sized plain rectangles or small somewhat cylindrical tubes. Kinda boring! But, that never lasts forever. Eventually, the fun, designer options start trickling in, and even the most everyday devices become fashion statements. We saw that earlier this year with scented, pineapple-shaped battery packs, but now we’re […]

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    20 Ways to Geek Out Your Kitchen

    Kitchens are where the magic happens. Food brings people together, and at any party or dinner party, we all end up in the kitchen at some point. That’s why it should really reflect the heart of who you are. If you are a nerd that loves sci-fi films and uses the word “science” as a […]

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    23 Magical Disney Pet Products That Will Transform Your Furriends

    Our love for Disney is much like our love for our pets — rooted in our childhood, bringing back warm fuzzy memories and always putting smiles on our faces. Here are 25 ways you can bring those two loves together with fun and sweet Disney-themed pet products. Princess Leia Cat Hat Good luck getting your […]

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    15 Fashions From Star Wars: The Force Awakens That Everyone Can Wear

    Although you may want to put on Rey’s fantastic outfit and never take it off, life requires otherwise. Fortunately, other fashions from the movie can totally pass in the working world. Here are 15 Star Wars fashions you can actually buy and wear in everyday life. Some are more eccentric than others, but mostly they […]

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    20 Geeky Nail Designs for Your Next Trip to the Salon

    The rest of the week may be about everyone else, but your nail appointment is about you, so dive into these 20 nail art designs that are just begging to jump onto your fingers. The detail on these designs is just amazing — truly the best geek artistry has to offer. The Avengers Team The […]

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    Knomo Davies Double-Zip Cross Body Tablet Bag Review

    The Knomo Davies Leather Cross Body bag is for women what a slim wallet is for men. It takes your essentials and simmers them down into a sleek, organized object of beauty. The Davies bag has two zippered compartments that can fit up to a 10″ tablet and one additional middle buttoned compartment. It is meant […]

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    23 Geeky Engagement Rings To Honor and Cherish the Nerd of Your Dreams

    When two geeks fall in love and want to tie the knot, more than just two families are joined. Two fandoms become intertwined — it’s like a crossover episode, but it lasts a lot longer than an hour. While you likely can’t get married in a TARDIS or on the Enterprise bridge, you can show […]

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    Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Hands-On

    Samsung announced their yearly Galaxy S refresh on schedule today at their Unpacked event, held at MWC 2016 in Barcelona. Once again, it’s improvement at the usual steady pace for Samsung — in other words, if you’re looking to upgrade your phone and go (or stay) premium this year, the Galaxy S7 family has to […]

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    The Blade V7 is ZTE’s Affordable Flagship Smartphone

    Following the announcement of a couple of budget phones at CES 2016, ZTE is at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to show off their next tier up for 2016. The Blade V7 and V7 Lite are what the company calls their affordable flagships, matching pretty solid specs at prices well below what the heavy hitters […]

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    Lenovo VIBE K5 Plus is a Budget Phone That Looks Premium

    Budget and mid-range phones can be pretty awesome products, as long as the company can get that right mix of price and features. The Lenovo VIBE K5 Plus looks like it pulls that trick off pretty well, offering great specs where it counts at an affordable price. The latest in Lenovo’s line of VIBE smartphones […]

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    Lenovo MIIX 310 is a Budget Tablet That Comes With a Keyboard

    Too often in the budget 2-in-1 market, we see tablets that can be purchased with keyboard docks sold separately, which suddenly make them not all that great as budget options. Lenovo wants to fix that with the MIIX 310, a cheap tablet that comes with a detachable keyboard. That makes it one of the lighter […]

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    HP Is Back in the Smartphone Game With The Elite X3

    Ever since the Palm acquisition didn’t work out, HP has been pretty quiet on the smartphone front. It looks like they’re ready to make some noise at MWC 2016 in Barcelona with the Elite x3, a nearly 6″ smartphone with flagship specs. But, don’t think that means HP sees this as a direct competitor to […]

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    ZTE Spro Plus Is a Mobile a Projector That Thinks It’s Also a Tablet

    Last year, ZTE released the Spro 2, a pocket-sized projector with a smartphone-sized display. Being able to use Android on the projector made it a pretty convenient device, especially for giving presentations at work or quickly sharing videos or pictures with family and friends while on trips. At MWC 2016, ZTE is announcing the tablet […]

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    The LG G5 Is a Modular Powerhouse

    For a few years now, we’ve been fans of what LG has done with their smartphones — if nothing else, they’ve always managed to be different. Today, they’re announcing the LG G5, and while from the outside it looks a lot more similar to its competitors (we’ll miss the leather-backed option), this new phone does […]

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    A Millennial Mom’s Guide to the Connected Baby Monitor

    Picking the right baby monitor for your family is an important decision. But it’s also one that keeps getting harder with the ever-growing list of options available. It’s time to put new technology to work for you and your baby, which is why VTech introduced the VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor with […]

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    Barbie Flippin’ Fun Gymnast Performs Her Own Acrobatics

    Barbie can and does do everything. This has been established, and we don’t need to belabor the point. The important part is which skills she decides to show us every year, and it looks like in 2016, one of those skills is going to be passing down skills to the next generation. In other words, […]

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    World’s First Baby Lego Minifig is Too Adorable

    Lego is looking to get everyone involved in the fun this year — even the ones who are yet too young to enjoy the joys of the brick. Fresh off the introduction of their first wheelchair piece, Lego is showing off their first mini minifig. Yes, babies finally have a part to play in the […]

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    The Actev Arrow Is A Smart Kart for Kids That Aims To Take On Power Wheels

    Ride-on vehicles are going 21st century — a new competitor to Power Wheels is at the 2016 New York Toy Fair, and they’re including some features that you’ll even see in grown-up cars! They’re called Actev Motors, and while they’ve made sure to take safety into account, they’re offering kid driving at its most extreme. […]