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    Picture Perch-fect Birdhouse Makes CCTV Look Endearing

    It’s a birdhouse! It’s a crime deterrent! It’s both – it’s the Big Brother of all birdhouses. The wonderfully named Picture Perch-fect Birdhouse looks from afar like you have your home under CCTV surveillance. Even says CCTV on the side! Closer inspection reveals the wooden post that birds can perch on, but hopefully would-be intruders […]

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    Barcelona Bird Feeder Is Posh Living For Privileged Birds

    Are your neighborhood birds still eating out of that old Coke bottle you rigged up years ago? Man, that’s probably leaking out BPAs into the food by now. No, that won’t do. It’s time for the local birds to move on up in the world, out of that low-rent dank bird condo and into the […]