VirZOOM’s Virtual Sports is Coming to a Reality Near You

We just went hands-on, legs-on, and eyes-on with the latest in exercise and gaming: VirZOOM’s vSports. vSports is an immersive, competitive, and pretty darned fun way to exercise. It connects you to a virtual reality multi-player world powered by exercise. With the VirZOOM exercise bike and a VR Headset, like HTC Vive, you can join friends and strangers in a virtual reality world where you bike, fly, tank, arcade, explore, and more.

In early 2017, VirZOOM will be opening up vSports Centers where players can unite to compete nationally in a handful of different games. Soon, you’ll also even be able to compete from the comfort of your own home. vSports requires a VirZOOM or Life Fitness bike, a VR headset like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Plastation VR, and finally a computer capable of running VR.


Here at CES, we were hooked up on the VirZOOM bike with an HTC Vive Headset and seven other strangers to compete in three different events. VirZOOM has 10 game buttons built-in; we used a few of the buttons, our legs to pedal, and even our bodies to steer left and right. The first and most straight-forward competition was a simple bike race through a picturesque mountain. Next was pegasus, where we flew around on horses competing to eat the most apples and collect the most crystals. Last was a game of tanks where we were shooting down enemy tanks. They were all fun, but for us to forget about exercising, we found it best to not be on a virtual bike and rather be on a virtual tank or virtual horse.

vSports was honestly a pretty fantastic way to exercise, and the social aspect adds to it. VirZOOM, as is, is a pretty enticing way to exercise, but the social aspect takes it to a new level. Whether you choose to play with your friends, against your friends, or competitively with other players, it can be the push you need and the frame of mind to get you in better shape and better health. While the three games we played were fun, we see a lot of potential for future game play and even other interactive applications. We’re excited to try it with Google Earth, an application that already exists with VirZOOM!

Fitbit also just announced a partnership and integration with VirZOOM. The Fitbit app will log all of the VirZOOM bike play and will use the data to help you achieve your goals.

VirZOOM is currently available from Amazon for $399.99. In addition to the vSports centers that will be set up, VirZOOM is partnering with Life Fitness to enable their equipment for vSports and also to pilot vSports in their facilities in Q1.