19-Year-Old Says She Wants Nothing To Do With Her Dad’s Secret Family But Now She’s Asking The Internet If She Should Reconsider

A 19-year-old says she wants nothing to do with her 50-year-old dad’s secret family since they are the reason the marriage between her parents fell apart.

Now she’s asking the internet if maybe she should reconsider her decision after her dad got upset with her over it.

She started out by explaining that while her dad was married to her mom, he started a relationship with another woman.

Their affair continued for longer than 10 years, and after her mom divorced him, he still stayed in a relationship with this woman.

It’s also important to note the mistress has a child that her dad swears is not his kid, which she doesn’t think he’s lying about.

Her dad then went on to date someone else, who he then got married to, but the entire time he was with his mistress on the side.

She doesn’t think his now second ex-wife had any idea about the mistress, but her mom knew about her.

She mentioned that she has known about his affair for quite some time, and she told her dad that she wants nothing to do with this other woman.

Her dad has respected that and didn’t tell her about his dealings with his secret second family, up until recently.

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