She Bought Some Diamond Rings For Herself Which Upset Her Boyfriend And Now She’s Asking The Internet If Wearing Them Is Wrong

“Keep in mind It was never my intention to wear them on my left ring finger like an actual engagement ring or attempt to project that “I’m married” when I’m not.”

“I just wore them on my right hand and in different spots specifically for that purpose.”

Well, as soon as her boyfriend found out he called her tacky. He then accused her of buying fake engagement rings to “play pretend.”

She pointed out to him that she bought the rings because she liked them and wanted to wear them. It had nothing to do with playing at anything.

She also said she could spend her money however she wants to, and she doesn’t need to wait for him to feel like buying her jewelry.

“What was I supposed to do? Wait for him to gift it to me? Ask permission? He would never think to buy me something like that.”

Her boyfriend really isn’t thoughtful at all when it comes to gift-giving, and he always ends up buying her a gift card or giving her money.

She’s genuinely concerned she’s a jerk for not waiting for him to buy her a ring and for buying a few for herself because they made her happy.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

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