She’s Refusing To Let Her Teen Nephew And His Pregnant Girlfriend Live In Their Pool House But Now She’s Asking The Internet To Weigh In On What To Do

She found out this news last week, and these teens promised that they were being safe like she told them to be.

R’s parents have kicked her out for being pregnant, so they took her right in and said she can stay there while she figures out what to do next.

The problem is, she and her husband really cannot afford to pay for R and the baby to be living with them, so they had a sit-down with N and R to learn about what they’re planning on doing now.

“We can’t really take on an extra person (we already took on N) plus a newborn without major sacrifices on our and our son’s part, which doesn’t feel fair to him,” she said.

Well, one of her in-laws had told these teens they could just live in her pool house without paying any rent, so that’s what these teens were banking on.

While it was an apartment at one point, it’s currently the home of her art studio and she would need to take out a loan to make it a liveable space once more.

Another issue is that this in-law then mentioned she could be the one babysitting the baby for free, but the problem is she works as a teacher and obviously can’t quit her job to do this.

“We corrected them, let them know they were still welcome to stay here but in their own rooms – once they graduated HS and/or gotten a GED, we’d revisit sleeping arrangements for them + the baby,” she continued.

“We said we wouldn’t charge rent but they would need to find a way to provide whatever they needed for their child – we’d help by getting their car seat system and that was all.”

“Formula, wipes, childcare, etc. were all on them to figure out.”

“Now N, R, and all of my husband’s family are in an uproar about it saying they’re kids and can’t possibly go to HS AND raise a child. We said they should’ve thought about that sooner then if they couldn’t afford a baby.”

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