She’s Thinking Of Throwing Out Photos Of Her Ex’s Parents Who Passed Away But Needs The Internet To Weigh In

A woman is asking how to handle a unique situation after she ended up with photos of her ex’s parents who passed away.

Her partner, Joe, is friendly with his ex, and although she’s nice, she comes with a set of issues that don’t let her lead a normal life.

“She’s nice but has issues that keep her from leading a functional life,” she explained about Joe’s ex.

“She’s at the center of lots of conflict, and struggles with psych issues that affect reliability & consistency.”

“She moves a lot & gets in a lot of urgent situations. She’s asked many times for help and when we can, we do. I like to think that being kind is a benefit to all parties.”

“9 months ago, before Joe & I moved in together, I helped her move. She doesn’t drive so I had to move her, with her helping.”

Although Joe’s ex had asked if he could help, he would have had to take a day off of work. So, she volunteered to help instead since she works from home.

Joe’s ex had so much stuff to move that it did not all fit inside of her car, so Joe’s ex asked her to take 3 of these boxes and hold onto them.

Two of the boxes are around 18″x18″x18″, while the third box is about twice the size of a shoebox.

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