Her Cousin Is Accusing Her Of Selling Out Their Grandma’s Secret Cake Recipe And She’s Telling The Internet She Thinks This Is What Her Grandma Would Have Wanted

“My cousin, ‘Jane’ recently found out that Grandma’s recipe was one of my best sellers, and said that I had no right to sell out Grandma’s recipe, especially after keeping it all to myself,” she said.

“She had asked for it late last year, but I said no. I told her that she had the chance to get it from Grandma before she died, and didn’t seem to care enough to bother then.”

So Jane ended up losing her job, and thought it would be a great idea to also make and sell cakes.

Unlike her cousin, Jane’s business is not going well and people don’t like what she’s baking. Jane accused her of only having a successful business because she uses a professional kitchen and has grandma’s secret recipe.

The thing is, she suspects Jane isn’t succeeding because she making things “to taste” instead of using exact measurements.

While that does work out nicely when cooking, it doesn’t translate to baking.

“Jane is demanding that I either stop selling Grandma’s cake, or teach her the recipe so she can too,” she continued.

“I refused, and said she was a hypocrite for wanting to sell the cake herself after getting angry at me for doing so.”

“When she gave me the recipe, Grandma said that her biggest regret was never opening a bakery like she had dreamed (my ultimate dream now too!).”

“I think she’d love so many people enjoying her cake!”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

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