Her Neighbors Told Her The Way Her House Looks Is Ruining Their Property Value And Now This Single Mom Is Telling The Internet She’s Upset

A single mom recently revealed that her neighbors told her the way her house looks is ruining their property value.

She tried her best to do something about it and felt quite embarrassed by what they had to say to her.

Now, she’s telling the internet she’s upset and simply doesn’t know what else she can do in this situation.

She started out by saying that she lives in the country, and there are only 3 houses close to hers. 2 of those houses are across the street from her, and 1 of those houses is right next door to her.

Her next-door neighbor has a brand new house with 6 bedrooms, so it’s pretty impressive. Their lawn is perfectly manicured to boot.

Meanwhile, her house is a very simple, older, country-style cottage. Her neighbors decided to sell their house, and their real estate agent came over to say to her that her house was making the worth of their house go down.

She isn’t sure if they were not quite telling her the truth with this, but she agreed to put some of her money and time into trying to spruce her house up so it would not impact her neighbors being able to sell their property.

“…We don’t have a relationship, I’ve sent them a card and vouchers every Christmas and they’ve never so much as said hello,” she said about her neighbors.

“Tbh, my house isn’t exactly the neatest, my dad cuts the grass for me about once a fortnight, but when it’s due it can get v long (I personally don’t mind this, in fact, it attracts bees and butterflies, and I like it).”

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