Her Sister-In-Law Stole Gifts From Her Baby Shower And Now She’s Telling The Internet Her Husband’s Family Is Upset With Her For How She Handled It

When the party was over, her sister was concerned to discover that some of the presents were missing, and even one she purchased was gone too.

After searching the whole house, there still was no sign of the missing presents.

Luckily, she has security cameras, so she thought to check and see if the cameras had picked anything up.

“I checked the camera footage and saw my SIL walking out with several gifts that were given by my own family and friends,” she continued.

“I was fuming I called to confront her and asked her to bring the gifts back but she denied and was hurt that I accused her of stealing from me and said she’d tell the family about me lying when I insisted.”

“I told her I have a video and have no problem involving the family too to see who’s at fault. She hung up and I waited then shared the footage with all of my inlaws.”

“It blew up and many of them shamed her for what she did and told her to give the stuff back.”

Her sister-in-law still refused to reply to her, but then her husband Austin got involved. He accused her of making things up about his wife.

He even went so far as to call her gross for even considering his wife would “steal cheap gifts” from her “low-class family.”

He also accused her of turning around and lying to that side of the family. Her mother-in-law also refused to accept that her sister-in-law was a thief.

Her mother-in-law told her she was wrong sharing the video footage and should have tried to resolve things with her sister-in-law in private.

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