This Guy Jumped Out A Bathroom Window After His Mom Tried To Force Him To Get Back Together With His Cheating Ex-Fiancée And He’s Telling The Internet He Never Told His Family Why They Broke Up

A guy had no choice but to jump out a bathroom window after his mom tried to force him to get back together with his cheating ex-fiancée and here’s how he got in this situation in the first place.

He started out by explaining that he had been together with his ex-fiancée, Sarah, for 4 years. They were supposed to get married in November of 2020.

Unfortunately, not long before their wedding, he discovered that Sarah had cheated on him.

Sarah pleaded with him to give her a second chance, but he canceled their engagement, their wedding, and their relationship.

“The problem was that being cheated on is, in my mind, completely emasculating and humiliating,” he said.

“So I never told anyone that was the reason we broke up. For obvious reasons, Sarah also didn’t tell people we broke up because she cheated.”

“So people have “blamed” me for the breakup, including my mom. They just see that I dumped her out of the blue.”

Since Sarah cheated, he has not contacted her at all, however, Sarah has been trying to get close to his mom.

Sarah somehow convinced his mom that they should be able to speak to each other one final time and that they would be able to get back together after this.

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