Bridezilla Tells Her Friend Who Had A Stillborn Baby She Needs To Tell People Before Her Wedding Because She’ll Steal Away The Attention

Every woman wants her wedding day to be a special and memorable occasion, but some women just take things to a whole new and terrible level.

This bridezilla you’re about to be introduced to thought it was entirely acceptable to pressure her friend into sharing the news of her stillborn baby before coming to her wedding…

…So that she would not steal away any of the attention. This friend then took to the internet to share the shocking and deplorable messages from the bride.

Buckle up for this one, because it’s hard to believe anyone could be so heartless.

The friend started out by explaining that she was supposed to go to this wedding, and she was pregnant.

Her due date was not long after the wedding, so she would have been obviously pregnant while attending.

Sadly, she had her stillborn daughter a few months prior to the wedding, and she said she was still trying to process this tragic news along with her partner.

Imgur; pictured above the friend sets the stage for the messages

The bride sent a message to her friend basically saying she probably shouldn’t come to her wedding after all.

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