Moments After This Mom Broke The News To Her Family That Her Daughter Has Cancer, Her Brother Decided To Announce That His Wife Is Pregnant So She Kicked Him Out And Is Asking The Internet If She Was Justified In Doing So

“I’m not sure what possessed him to think that was an appropriate time to announce that. I understand his excitement, but there is a time and place for that.”

“And it is not when you are talking about another child’s cancer diagnosis. “Good news after the bad news” – nope. Not necessary at all. I’m not sure what he expected.”


“What he did was outrageously unacceptable. Yes, he’s waited 10-15 years to be a dad.”

“And he’s going to wait another 4-5 months minimum to meet/introduce the baby.”

“So, he couldn’t wait another couple of weeks, host a party at his house, and spill his good news (if he couldn’t do it via phone and he just had to be there in person to get all the hugs and handshakes)?!? Really, could not wait 2 weeks!”

“No, instead he has to push Megan’s problems/support aside, ‘I love ya, kid! Tough break! But, hey, everyone don’t be SAD about Megan…be happy about ME!!! See, kid, nothin’ to be sad about…it’s a HAPPY DAY!'”


“Nobody forced him to give his announcement at the single least likely time for people to be happy about it.”

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, he doesn’t get to be upset that people weren’t congratulatory enough.”


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