Pregnant Woman Says Her Husband Left A Week Ago After She Scared Him Out Of Being A Dad And Now She’s Asking The Internet For Help

She would constantly wonder out loud what would happen if she ends up forgetting her baby inside of her car, or what if she isn’t able to finish school now that she’s going to have a baby?

She admits that she’s pretty much been a wreck throughout her pregnancy, but then she ended up talking to her mom around a month back.

Her mom is why she didn’t ever want to be a mom, and speaking to her made her understand that she’s not going to abandon her child like her mom abandoned her.

She went from being only anxious about having a child to being excited about it, although she is still concerned about a lot of things.

Her husband, on the other hand, went from being excited to upset. He freaked out on her and said her being happy was mocking his happiness over the pregnancy.

“And he says that because of all of the complaining and worrying I did for the majority of my pregnancy (I’m not denying that it was a lot) he’s now scared of being a dad and no longer interested, altogether,” she said.

She thought he was being just emotional at that moment since he can get out of hand when he’s upset about things, but he slept on what he said and was gone the next morning.

It’s now been a whole week since he packed his bags and left home, and they have been “dodging each other’s phone calls since.”

“I understand not wanting to be a parent and I’d rather he bow out now than leave when our daughter is born, but I’m hurt that he feels I’m responsible for him not wanting to be a dad anymore,” she revealed.

She feels bad for causing her husband to feel like this, but she isn’t sure how she was supposed to hold her worries in and not say them aloud.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

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