She Told Her Sister She Gets Why The Couple Who Adopted Her Twins Ghosted Her And Now She’s Asking The Internet If She Was Too Harsh

“I have a feeling that there was more than just asking for $2k that led them to not only cut off contact but delete their socials and move.”


“It sounds like sis was hoping the adoptive parents would be a cash cow for her, but once the adoption is final they hold all the cards.”


“The adoptive parents realized they’d have to continuously deal with the sister and noped out of that nightmare.”

“They probably moved because why risk the chance of sister “surprising” them with visits when the kids are older?”


“I experienced a very similar situation recently, except that my wife and I were in the position of the wealthy couple, and it wasn’t a request for cash–it was instead a request to co-sign on a loan for a home.”

“My wife and I did exactly what this other couple did; immediately cut off contact and ghost them from social media.”


“She really has no right to ask them for money even if they’re rich.”

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