Someone Saw This Beautiful Young Bartender Get Kidnapped Off The Street And An Hour Later She Was Found Dead

At 6 a.m. officers with the Atlanta Police Department then got a call about shots being fired in the Lakewood and Terrace area.

Upon arrival, officers found Mariam sadly dead.

Deputy Chief Charles Hampton Jr. revealed that they do have a person of interest in custody as of right now, who they feel has been involved with Mariam’s kidnapping and murder.

At this time, Deputy Chief Charles Hampton Jr. explained that they really do not know the motive behind Mariam’s kidnapping and murder.

“Our hearts are truly broken at the loss of a dear friend and family member,” Revery: VR Bar shared in an Instagram post following the news of Mariam’s kidnapping and death.

“Mariam brought light to every single person she came in contact with and will forever be missed.”

“We will be closed this weekend to grieve and savor our last moments with her. Please stay safe, y’all.”

Instagram; pictured above is a post regarding Mariam from the Revery: VR Bar

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