Her Boyfriend Cheated On Her With Her Sister And Now That They’re Pregnant She’s Telling The Internet She Wants To Cut All Contact

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Your parents are enablers. ‘Cancer as a teen’ did not shrink wrap her and isolate her from the entirety of human mores and values forever and ever amen.”

“From what you describe, it sounds disturbingly like you have been deemed the cannon fodder of the family. Take some time for yourself, put them on the backburner.”


“I can only imagine this as a defense in a trial… “But your Honor, you can’t punish her for anything… SHE HAD CANCER AS A TEEN!!!!”


“You made extreme sacrifices during the years. She took your boyfriend and now she rubs it in your face. Her disease is deplorable, but it doesn’t give her a free pass to do everything she wants.”

“It’s so sad that she took Ben after you were together for 3 years. You don’t need to endorse their relationship.”


“Hopping on just to say that honestly, I’m petty enough that I’d just post this thread to any Facebook/ social media posts celebrating your sister’s relationship &/or pregnancy.”

“If there’s nothing wrong with their relationship, they shouldn’t mind everyone knows their history, right?”

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