Her Boyfriend Packed Protection For A Trip She Wasn’t Even Going On And Now She’s Asking The Internet If He Deserves A Second Chance

“I don’t actually understand why you’re still together. He told you straight out that he was prepared to cheat on you.”

“Stop wasting your time. He isn’t going to be more in love with you in a year’s time. He isn’t going to be a more honourable person after you’ve wasted your 20s with him.”


“Wow…I don’t understand how you have forgiven him, to be honest. He was planning on cheating…like in a way that’s worse than spontaneous cheating. Like how premeditated murder is worse than heat-of-the-moment killing.”


“Red flag!!! He took them in case he was gonna hook up. Well first off he lied and said in case he was sexually assaulted.”

“So 1 he lied red flag and 2.. he thought about cheating. I would say he should be on more than thin ice he should be in a trash can he sounds like garbage.”


“Why would you just forgive him. He lied, then he admitted he was going to cheat on you, frankly, he probably did he’s just lying again.”

“Trickle truth there. His lie was even really bad. In case he got assaulted? Really?”


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