Her Neighbor Accused Her Of Being Too Young To Own Her House And She’s Telling The Internet Her Neighbor Then Called The Police On Her

“Even if you showed her the deed, the way you painted her, she probably would’ve claimed the deed was fake.”


“And deeds are public records. If she cared that much she could have looked it up, or called the “landlord” as she threatened to do (I assume the previous owner) either of which would have cleared it up.”


“You showed the deed to the police and that was enough. Being a 20-year-old living next door almost guarantees with or without a deed your neighbor wasn’t going to like you anyway.”

“Misery, jealousy, and envy love company so be on the lookout for the real housewives of your neighborhood posse she tries to put together.”


“Jane needs to mind her business. Tell her she is no longer welcome on your property and to pound sand. Your dad is so wrong!”


“Something tells me that Jane isn’t very popular with the other neighbors.”


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