His Teen Daughter Won’t Stop Swiping And Ruining Her Stepmom’s Makeup So This Dad Is Telling The Internet He Got A Lockbox To Solve The Problem

A dad has been married for the past 2 years to his 38-year-old wife Barbara. He has a 16-year-old daughter named Molly from a previous relationship.

Molly and Barbara do have a good relationship, and they share a lot of interests; makeup being one of them.

Barbara has expensive taste in makeup, and she buys all of the higher-end brands for herself to use.

“Molly loves makeup especially the more expensive stuff,” this dad explained. “She, unfortunately, can not afford expensive brands because of money and so she started taking my wife’s makeup.”

The thing is, Barbara doesn’t like that Molly swipes her makeup and her accessories like makeup brushes, but Molly does it anyway, and she has ruined a lot of Barbara’s beauty-related things.

Molly has been taking Barbara’s makeup without her permission for the past 2 months, and Barbara has had to go out and replace everything Molly borrowed and destroyed.

“I, of course, had many conversations with Molly about it and her argument is always that women can share makeup and besides this is family and her stepmom is like a mother to her so why not take each other’s stuff,” this dad said.

He made it clear to Molly that she could not continue to take whatever she wanted from Barbara and that she needed to start asking for permission.

Molly brushed him off before walking off, clearly not taking him or the situation seriously, and recently this became an even bigger issue despite the fact that he spoke to Molly.

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