Just Before Her Sister’s Wedding She Was Forced To Shave Her Head And Her Sister Thinks She Ruined Everything

A 16-year-old girl is set to be the maid of honor in her 23-year-old sister’s upcoming wedding, and recently, she had some kind of an “accident” that left her hair looking horrible.

“…Some parts of my hair got stuck and ripped off, this caused me to have some patches in my head, and to be honest they’re pretty noticeable,” she explained.

“My head is okay, I barely bleed and the hair will grow back eventually.” Yikes, right? Poor girl!

Right after the accident happened, her parents took her to a local hospital to ensure she was alright, and while she was hospitalized, she texted her sister a photo herself.

The angle of the photo was such that it wasn’t visible to her sister just how bad the damage to her hair was, and her sister simply said she hoped she would be feeling better.

In the aftermath of what happened to her, she felt really poorly about how she was now left looking, and so she wanted to just shave off her hair since she felt it would be less shocking.

She made sure it was ok with her dad before going through with everything, and they booked her a hair appointment at a salon.

Her dad went with her, she got her hair all shaved off, and she’s certainly feeling better. She knows she can’t show up to her sister’s wedding with a shaved head, but she has a lot of cosplay wigs.

While some of her wigs definitely aren’t natural colors, she does have a black wig that she thinks looks great on her, and she figured that would be perfect to wear to the wedding.

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