Her Male Roommate Wore Her Underwear While She Was Away And She’s Asking The Internet How To Handle This Situation

Yet here Taylor was on camera, walking into and out of their room and he never asked their permission to do this.

“The 8th time he went into our room we saw him go over to my dresser and dig through my panty drawer,” she continued.

“He picked out a pair of panties, pulled down his boxers and pants, put my panties on, and then put his boxers and pants back on over it.”

Taylor then came back, put on one of her tank tops, and saw the camera in their room. He left, but then walked in and went back through her panty drawer.

He spent the rest of the day walking back and forth from their bedroom and continued digging through her underwear, and she does have all of this on camera.

“Seeing how he invaded our privacy and wore my underwear made me feel sick and needs to be addressed,” she said.

“We don’t want to make Taylor feel ashamed for cross-dressing, but what he did with MY clothing was disgusting.”

She mentioned that Charlie was going to put a deadbolt on their bedroom door as soon as they get back from their trip.

Additionally, she’s going to just toss all of her underwear into the trash after what she saw.

She and Charlie are not planning on addressing what happened with Taylor until they come home, but the problem is she is not sure if it’s alright to ask him for 2 things.

She wants Taylor to not only pay to buy her entirely new underwear, but she also wants him to pay for the cost of the deadbolt they now need to ensure their privacy.

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