She Refused To Take Off Her Glasses At Her Cousin’s Wedding And Now Her Aunt Is Getting Mean About Her Ruining The Wedding Photos

A 34-year-old woman recently was a bridesmaid at her 24-year-old cousin Amy’s wedding. Now, she has absolutely awful vision, so she does wear her glasses every single day, otherwise, she cannot see a single thing.

She will only remove her glasses to go to sleep or to take a shower. Other than that, they’re always on, or she can’t see.

Just before Amy got married, Amy explained to her that one of the other women in the bridal party wore glasses but was buying contacts for the wedding.

Amy basically suggested in more or fewer words that she needed to get them too.

She told Amy that she does not wear contacts, which Amy knew, and to compromise, she brought over a bunch of different glasses that she has.

She let Amy select the pair of glasses she wanted her to wear for the wedding. Amy picked up a pair of bright, neon pink glasses since Amy thought they would look great with the bridesmaid dress.

The day of Amy’s wedding arrived, and as the bridal party was getting dressed and done, her aunt (Amy’s mom) brought up contacts.

She reminded her aunt she does not even wear contacts, so she didn’t get any for the wedding. In response, her aunt pulled a face that clearly expressed her disgust.

She left the area her aunt was in before her aunt could make things worse, and she figured that was the end of it.

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