She Revealed A Secret To Her Brother And Now She’s Telling The Internet She’s Being Accused Of Ruining Her Father’s Whole Family

Apparently, her dad and her stepmom had been lying to her siblings all along, and that’s why they didn’t want much to do with her over the years.

“While we were talking, he accidentally let slip that my father and step-mother had been telling my siblings that my mother was the one who came between their marriage,” she said.

“They told them that my mother was a jealous ex who kept hounding them when they were happily married. I was out of my mind with anger.”

She had proof to counter that, and what her dad and stepmom had gone around lying about, and she presented the proof to her brother.

She revealed the truth to him; that her dad cheated on her mom with her stepmom and that was the real reason why the marriage between her parents ended.

Her brother didn’t want to accept what she was saying, so he got angry and ended up leaving. She was left thinking that she had destroyed her connection with him, and she was upset about that, however, the following day that all changed.

Her brother phoned her to say that he had taken the information she had given him and challenged his parents on what the truth really was.

Her dad and stepmom did end up telling her brother that what they had maintained all along was nothing but a lie, and he blew up on them over it.

Her brother arrived at her house and made it clear he’s no longer going to speak to his parents ever again for what they did.

Her 21-year-old sister found out about the truth too and she is also threatening to stay at college and not come home to visit them.

Although her older siblings are on her side and are angry about having been lied to, her 18-year-old brother thinks his parents are not in the wrong.

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