6 Years Ago She Excused Herself At A Restaurant To Use The Bathroom, But Instead She Walked Out Of The Place Then Disappeared And Her Mom Has Mortgaged Her House In The Hunt To Find Her

Asha ended up being up for 5 nights straight, and on the 4th evening of Asha not being able to sleep, her boyfriend and friend took her to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Although Asha was put on a temporary psychiatric hold, doctors later released her to her boyfriend and her friend, without any indication that they had found something wrong with her.

After being released from the hospital, Asha, her boyfriend, and her friend went to the Rollerville Cafe for breakfast, where people had varying reports of what happened before Asha walked out of there.

Facebook; pictured above is Asha wearing sunglasses with her hair up

Asha’s sister called Jeannie to share the news that Asha had been in the hospital, and before Jeannie could even book a flight to California, Asha’s sister called her back to say that she went missing.

Hours after Asha vanished from the Rollerville Cafe, a woman spotted her at a nearby store with a blond-haired, young surfer man.

48 hours after Asha disappeared, a man saw her on a beach with this same young man, who tried to prevent that witness from speaking with Asha.

In the 6 years since Asha went missing, her mom Jeannie says she has had people tell her they have seen her in a wide-ranging area that stretches from Palm Springs to the Californian border of Oregon.

Facebook; pictured above Asha smiles

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