He Named His Newborn After His Sister Who Tragically Passed Away In An Accident And He’s Telling The Internet His Mom Was Instantly Upset When She Found Out

A 26-year-old man and his 26-year-old wife just welcomed their daughter into the world a month ago.

“We’ve thought long about what to name her, but then decided on calling her Alisa after my late little sister who would be 20 years old today,” he explained.

“My sister died in a fire five years ago, I’m not willing to share anything more.”

He and his wife wrestled with what to name their daughter, and they just could not decide until a few weeks before she was born.

They picked out Alisa, but they did not tell their families at all about the name they selected. They waited to share the news after their daughter was born and their loved ones got to meet her.

“I honestly thought that my mom would be super excited about her first grandchild being called Alisa, we both loved my sister very much and I personally thought that it’s the best way to honor her,” he said.

One week after his daughter arrived, his mom came over to see her for the first time. When he revealed to his mom the name that he and his wife chose for their newborn, she instantly became upset.

She began crying and ended up leaving. She did return after a bit, and when she did, she told him that she could not believe he chose to name his daughter after his dead sister.

His mom said that every single time she would spend time around his daughter, she would be thinking of the awful way that their Alisa had died.

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