He Named His Newborn After His Sister Who Tragically Passed Away In An Accident And He’s Telling The Internet His Mom Was Instantly Upset When She Found Out

In response to this, he got upset with his mom and tried to defend his decision.

“I told her that I see it as a chance, a happier meaning for the name and if she were still alive, her name probably would have been the baby’s name anyway since she was my and my wife’s best friend, she even made us swear to have her name or a variation of it in all our babies names before she passed,” he continued.

He clarified that when his sister asked him and his wife to name all their children after her, it was a joke that she had made when they were back in high school, but still, he figured it was good to honor her wishes.

In the days that followed his mom finding out about his daughter being named Alisa too, his mom has kind of come around to the idea.

He thinks at this point, she might even like what he did in honor of his sister, and his mom clearly adores his daughter.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Your mother is right, she will be reminded of the worst time of her life every time she hears the name.”

“You’re absolutely legally allowed to name your daughter whatever you want, but with a name that carries such importance and emotion with it, you should have checked in with certain people to see how they would feel first.”


“…I’m the mom in this case. My daughter passed and if her siblings named their child after her I would be thrilled.”

“But, knowing first-hand how complex grief from child loss is I have so much compassion for your mom (and you).”

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