Her Oldest Daughter’s Boyfriend Ate A Birthday Cake And Ruined A Party For Her Youngest Daughter So She’s Telling The Internet She Kicked This Guy Out

A mom of 2 is asking the internet for help after her oldest daughter’s boyfriend ruined her youngest daughter’s birthday by eating her birthday cake before her party even started.

This mom started out by explaining that her oldest daughter, 21-year-old Monica, is dating a guy a year younger than her who constantly spends time at their family’s house.

The time he spends there probably wouldn’t be an issue for any of them, except for the fact that he’s downright rude, and it’s now causing problems with her 14-year-old daughter Lily.

“It’s been affecting Lily and there had been instances where Monica’s boyfriend ruined Lily’s math project and ruined her camera by dropping it,” she wrote.

She felt she had no choice but to create some simple rules for him to abide by. The most basic rule is that he is not allowed to touch things in their house that belong to her daughter Lily.

Her oldest daughter Monica took issue with her laying down the lay. Monica told her she was “treating her boyfriend like a child.”

Monica feels like her boyfriend should treat their house like it is his as well, but this mom said he’s a guest, and he needs to respect things instead of damaging them.

Kind of hard to believe this guy is 20-years-old and not 2-years-old, but oh well here we are.

Lily had her birthday several days ago, and she special ordered a cake for the occasion. Her sister went to get it from the bakery and then placed it inside of their fridge.

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