Her Parents Are Trying To Pressure Her To Drop Out Of College So They Can Afford To Send Her Brother To Medical School And She’s Telling The Internet She’s Refusing

A 21-year-old woman has six siblings. Five of them are brothers, and they’re 15, 18, 20, 23, 24, and then she has a younger sister who is 16.

Being one of seven kids, her mom and dad explained to her and the rest of her siblings that they didn’t have enough money to send them all to college.

Essentially, her mom and dad said they really could only afford 4 of them to go to college. Her 24-year-old brother and 23-year-old brother weren’t interested in going to college and both got a job as soon as they graduated from high school.

Her 16-year-old younger sister wants to get a GED, and also not go to college, so that means there was enough money for her and her remaining three brothers to all go to college.

“…So this wasn’t a problem until recently when my youngest sibling told us he wanted to become a doctor,” she said.

“Obviously, my parents don’t have enough left in his college fund for that. I and two of my brothers (20 & 18) are already in college.”

“They borrowed some money and even got my older brothers to chip in a bit, but they still don’t even have close to enough, so they told me they couldn’t pay for my remaining time in college and asked me to drop out.”

“They said that with that money they would be able to save up enough in the next 3 years.”

She only has two years remaining before she can graduate from college, and she doesn’t want to stop before obtaining her degree, so she refused.

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