Her Parents Are Trying To Pressure Her To Drop Out Of College So They Can Afford To Send Her Brother To Medical School And She’s Telling The Internet She’s Refusing

While she does have a job, part-time, she uses all of her money to help cover the costs of her tuition, so she doesn’t have any money saved to help her through life should she drop out like her parents want her to.

“My parents got really upset and asked why I couldn’t just make one small sacrifice for my brother’s future,” she continued.

“They said there would be no difference since an arts degree is as good as no degree, and my brother is a straight-A student so he’ll definitely do well as a doctor.”

She feels very badly telling her parents she won’t drop out, and she is well aware of the fact that her mom and dad will just turn around and try to force one of her other brothers in college to quit.

She’s left wondering if she’s in the wrong for not wanting to stop going to college though.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Your straight-A brother can get scholarships to help pay for undergrad. Last time I checked med school was close to $200k. Your parents not helping with your undergrad so they can “save” won’t be enough.”

“And seriously, your parents said they’d pay for 4 of 7? Pay some for all or none for all. The rest is bull and sounds like fiction.”


“I’m also one of seven kids, and this makes me so sad…My siblings and I were all told early on that if we kept our grades up & went to a public in-state school (my state offers free tuition to public in-state schools for students with a 3.5 GPA or higher), then they’d pay all of our other expenses (about $3k or $3.5k per year).”

“Otherwise, they’d chip in the same amount as they paid for other kids, but we’d be on our own for the rest. It was equal, and we all made our own choices based on that deal (3 went private or out of state, 4 went in-state and public).”

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