She Was Murdered This Summer Along With Her Dog While Out Walking In A Park And These Are The Terrible Details Of Her Autopsy Report

GoFundMe; pictured above is Katie with Bowie

It’s now been several months since Katie and Bowie’s lives were taken, and their killer is still out there.

Although the Atlanta Police Department has asked the public for help, offered a reward, and even released photos of people in the park around the time of Katie and Bowie’s murders that they would like to talk to, they still don’t know who did this.

New details from Katie’s autopsy report revealed just how terrible this attack on her and her beloved dog really was.

Katie was stabbed 50 different times, and 15 of which were to her face. Katie’s killer also used a knife to write the letters F, A, and T across her chest.

What happened to Katie is completely brutal and heartless, and it’s hard to imagine the monster who took her life and the life of Bowie is still out there.

If you have any information related to Katie and Bowie’s case, please call the Atlanta Police Homicide Unit at 404-577-8477.

City of Atlanta Police Department; pictured above is a press release regarding the murder of Katie and her dog Bowie

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