12 Years Ago This Teen Was Diagnosed With Autism And She’s Telling The Internet Her Parents Never Told Her

“I hope you show them some of these comments. Maybe it might knock some sense into them.”


“You’re allowed to be so angry with them. Not only did they keep your diagnosis from you, they also totally ignored your medical needs.”

“Was it life-threatening probably not, but the fact they didn’t get you help in school when they knew it would be something you needed… had you known would you have felt different or a freak?”

“Maybe, but would they have told you & gotten you help you most likely wouldn’t have struggled that much. I feel like they must write you off as difficult or a problem child ignoring your diagnosis.”

“I’m so sorry you weren’t given the proper accommodations that you needed and deserved. I hope you continue to advocate for your needs & that you don’t view yourself in a negative light due to this diagnosis.”

“Being “inconvenient” due to your needs is not a good enough excuse for them to watch you struggle so much. How parents could watch their child suffer & dread something they easily could fix is beyond me. I’m rooting for you ”


“Unbelievably common and totally unhelpful. I have three kids in my class this year who I am absolutely certain are on the spectrum.”

“One was finally diagnosed just recently at 11yo as a result of school intervention and the other two parents are in total denial. Years of early intervention and social skills teaching missed, for what?”

“To protect the parent’s egos, or because ‘uncle Bob was a bit different and he’s fine’. It’s unfair and unnecessary.”

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