At Her Boyfriend’s Sister’s Baby Shower, An Aunt Accused Her Of Ruining The Whole Thing And Now This Teen Is Asking The Internet If She Really Did Anything Wrong Here

“The sister was not involved in the conversation at all and did not need to be told about it. The aunt had a bad time tormenting a 16-year-old has no impact on if it was a successful shower.”

“The aunt has a way inflated sense of her own importance.”


“She asked, intrusively and obsessively, and you answered. Who badgers anyone, ESPECIALLY a 16-year-old, about their current/future reproductive choices?”

“If at any point you DON’T want to give very personal information like that out to an actual stranger, you can always say “I’m not comfortable answering that question, can we talk about something else?” Of course, you are fully within your rights to answer everyone exactly as you did, because she asked. My God.”


“It doesn’t matter how long people are together or how old they are, others should NEVER ask what they plan on doing about children. Ever.”

“Imagine asking someone that’s infertile and they need to either lie about why or tell the truth. Either way, it’s downright terrible.”


“As a mom, I would be very proud of my child if they were as mature and kind as you. You’re a teenager who was harassed by an immature adult but you stayed calm and polite.”

“Shame on his aunt and good for you and your boyfriend for being the adults.”

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