He Wrote A Pretty Mean Comment To One Of His Wife’s Friends Who Was Trying To Get Her Involved In A MLM And He’s Telling The Internet His Wife Thinks He Went Too Far


“You didn’t curse her out or anything, your FB comment was pretty mild and doesn’t warrant the threat you received from her crusty husband. I wish more people commented stuff like that on MLM posts lol.”


“I have a friend who is 20k in debt to various MLMs and has basically sold $200 of product to his aunts.”

“I have tried talking him down the ledge only for him to change from essential oils to candles to makeup to who knows what it is this month.”


“A lot of those MLMs are almost cult-like in the way they work. The “hunbots” as they’re called can be VERY aggressive with each other and even the higher-ups in the chain can be extremely gross and gaslighty.”

“She was probably trying to recruit her on as part of her downchain or trying to meet a quota since a lot of these hunbots HAVE to make X amount of money or they face extreme gaslighting.”

“Look up Happy Mind Cruel World on youtube when you get the chance. She talks a lot about the inner workings of MLMs and the cult-like tactics they use.”


“They are not almost cult-like, they are flat-out cults.”

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