He’s Almost Done Divorcing His Wife And He’s Telling The Internet That When She Complained About Being A Single Mom He Reminded Her That’s What She Signed On For

A man is almost done divorcing his wife, and they’re divorcing over the fact that she went ahead with a pregnancy even though they both agreed to never have kids.

3 years ago, he underwent a vasectomy since he knew he never wanted to have children of his own because he doesn’t like children and has known all along that he didn’t ever want to be a dad.

He underwent the procedure around the same time that he met his almost ex-wife, and he made it very clear to her that he did not want kids.

His almost ex-wife also agreed that she did not want kids, and she even went so far as to tell him that if she ever wound up pregnant, she would terminate the pregnancy.

Somehow, even though he got the vasectomy and even though they used multiple methods of BC, his almost ex-wife got pregnant anyway.

He was floored to find out the news, and he initially thought that she had to have cheated on him. Three paternity tests later (two prenatal and one post-birth), and it turns out that he is the dad.

When his almost ex-wife first got pregnant, she was considering terminating the pregnancy but then she decided against it.

He did also bring up adoption, but she was not alright with this option either. He did remind his almost ex-wife that they both agreed to never have kids, but she still wanted to keep their unborn baby.

“And I didn’t want a child,” he explained. “We tried therapy for months but that took us nowhere.”

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