This Teen Dumped More Than 100 Dead Cockroaches On Her Mom And Dad’s Bed And She’s Telling The Internet They Grounded Her

“My mom said after talking they decided I’m un-semi-grounded and I can go to my friend’s house to hang out over break, but that I need to think about how I “escalate situations” and I should have talked to them instead,” she continued.

“Then we all hugged and I asked my dad to stay so I could talk to him. I told him about how it’s upsetting to me that we can’t call an exterminator because they would know how to fix the cockroaches…”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Your parents don’t have a right to be mad at you for putting dead cockroaches on their bed. It’s because of them that you’re dealing with alive cockroaches in your bed.”

“If they can’t handle it, why should you?”

“Please don’t be worried about your parents getting in trouble. It’s very unlikely that you’ll be ‘taken away’ from them and MUCH more likely that they’ll just be forced to deal with the cockroach problem and have home inspections in the future to make sure that they’re keeping things sanitary.”

“Even if there was a slightly harsher punishment like, I dunno, a fine or something, that’s okay too. If a kid in your class was throwing cockroaches at people, you’d want him to get detention or something, right?”


“I couldn’t imagine letting my son sleep in a room with ONE cockroach let alone HUNDREDS of them!”

“And the fact that this has been going on for YEARS and has actually caused your health to decline? Their inaction is…vile and they need a wake-up call.”


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