This Teen Model Was Booked For A Risqué Photo Shoot And After She Refused To Do A Few Things She’s Asking The Internet If It Was Unprofessional Of Her

An 18-year-old currently works as a model, and she does have an agency that represents her.

Recently, she was booked for a shoot that was supposed to be for a lingerie advertisement, and she had no problem with that.

Along with her, another 20-year-old model was also assigned to this particular job.

“On the set, I was informed that it was an LGBTQ-themed photoshoot meant to celebrate the queer community, I was told by the stylists and photographer to do lots of risqué things with the other model,” she explained.

They asked her to crawl along the floor until she got to the other model, then they wanted her to lick the other model from her stomach up across her chest.

“They also said I had to make out with her, with tongue involved,” she said.

This made her really uncomfortable because she is straight, so she really did not want to have to do all of these things to another girl.

“Especially the kissing grossed me out,” she continued. “I didn’t want to do that, and the photographer was furious that I ruined the photoshoot.”

“He raged at me and said I’m queerphobic, I hate lesbians, I’m an embarrassment to my agency’s, and I don’t have the grit to succeed in the modeling agency. He said I will work at McDonald’s (even though I’m literally in college).”

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