Her Best Friend Started Touching Her, Thinking She Was Asleep, But She Wasn’t

A 23-year-old woman recently took a trip to Florida to visit her 24-year-old male best friend. Her bestie has been going through an awfully difficult time, so she thought if she flew down to see him and stayed with him at his place, it would make him feel better.

Someone in her best friend’s family got divorced, then one of his loved ones wound up murdered, and those are just a few of the things he has been going through.

Now, she’s known her best friend since she was 17-years-old, and they met in high school.

A few years after high school, her best friend ended up moving out of state, though they remained quite close.

Several months before she flew down to see him in Florida, he told her that he did have some feelings for her, and she replied that she didn’t feel the same way and wanted to begin dating women.

As soon as she arrived in Florida and started hanging out with her best friend, she instantly felt very uneasy.

Her best friend has always been flirtatious, even when in a relationship, and she wasn’t surprised to see that he was still like that.

She was, however, surprised when he began touching her on different parts of her body. Her best friend touched her shoulder, her arm; then her thighs.

“I tried to shake it off until we watched a funny show on my second night there and he started to inappropriately touch me down there during a few fast and specific scenes to which I froze in response to,” she explained.

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